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Best Metal Detector for Meteorite Hunting

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I started this post off with the word BEST. Well It caught your attention, didn’t it? LOL because best is only an opinion! That being said Professional Meteorite Hunters alike can’t agree on a best metal detector. Best has too many variables  like brand, budget, and features. But Most agree on a type of metal detector, a gold metal detector!

Why a gold metal detector? Most gold metal detectors use higher frequencies which means they are more sensitive,tend to find meteorites at much greater depths,and can locate smaller specimens. Meteorites have a high content of iron and nickel.  Most of the coin and relic metal detectors see these metals as trash and will discriminate against them. Now there are some non-gold metal detectors that do great jobs too. Like the ones you can turn off the trash discriminator. See Below.

Jodie’s BEST gold metal detectors for hunting meteorites (opinion)!!!

  1. For the features and price you cant beat the Fisher Gold Bug 2. You Can get this Metal detector for around $700.00
  2. My next BEST metal detector is the Garrett Scorpion gold stinger. A little cheaper but a good detector. You can get one of these for around $450.00
  3. Next the White’s GMT Gold Metal Detector. You can get one of these for around $800.00
  4. Ok the only reason this detector isn’t in first or second place is because of price! Minelabs GPX 4500 and 3000.Extremely good detectors for around $3500.00 to $4500.00
  5. Tesoro Golden uMax. You can get one of these for around $450.00

Jodie’s BEST non-gold metal detectors for hunting meteorites (opinion)!!!

  1.  Fisher F75. Meteorite Men use these.   You can get one of these for around $1000.00
  2. Garrett GTI 2500. You can get one of these for around $800.00
  3. Tesoro Cortes. You can get one of these for around $700.00
  4. Fisher CZ-21. You can get one of these for around $1200.00
  5. Fisher F70. You can get one of these for around $650.00

All of these metal detectors except for the Minelabs and White’s you can purchase in my online store.

Shopping for a meteorite hunting metal detector is kind of like shopping for a new car. You don’t jump in with both feet first and buy the first one you see. You look around at the different options, you compare what you have found, you read the reviews about the different models; you take the time to absorb all the information available to you. Although you do not receive a car in the end, you might find a rare one-of-a-kind treasure with your new metal detector. If that day happens, all the research and reading and learning you completed will have paid off!

Here’s to the Perfect Hunt!

Safety Equipment

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As with any hobby, safety is often of the utmost importance. You can more thoroughly enjoy your hobby when you don’t have to worry about getting injured or lost. There are several items that you want to have in order to stay safe on your meteorite hunts.

First, and this varies depending on the location in which you are hunting, is your clothing. If hunting in a desert area, you will dress differently than if you are hunting in a snowy area. Make sure that you have the right kind of clothing for the conditions you will encounter. So, if exploring in the desert, make sure that you have sunscreen, a hat, and light, loose-fitting clothing that can both protect you from the sun, but also allow your body to be cooler in high temperatures.

Another item that is useful for safety, but is also important for noting your locations if you find a meteorite, is a GPS device. This was mentioned in my other article, Hunting Gear, but is also important in discussion of safety gear. You don’t want to be in the wilderness without having a way to find your way back to your starting point. A GPS device is extremely helpful with this.

If you are adventuring with others, which is safer than going it alone, you also want to make sure that you are using 2-way radios, so that everyone can stay in communication with each other. This is extremely important out in the wilderness where cell phone signals might not always get a signal. If a party member is hurt or lost, these radios can make a huge difference in getting them help.

When exploring, you may find that there are snakes aplenty. Snakes live in so many environments and many are poisonous. So, it is a safe idea to make some preparations in the event that there are snakes in the area. In my store on this site, you can see items such as snake bite kits, snake gaiters and boots, and snake-proof chaps. It is important to have these items on you and with you when hunting for meteorites so that you can protect yourself from snakes. Even if you do not have the gaiters, boots, or chaps, at a minimum, you should always have a snake bite kit with you. You never know what can happen with wild creatures.

Ok, now for the most important thing to have while out meteorite hunting or any other activity you plan or accidentally find yourself in is an emergency kit! This kit should include first and foremost – Water – and not just a 16 oz. bottle of water! At least 2 gallons of drinking water. (might need some for an empty radiator) Remember the body can go about 30 days with out food (well maybe yall can but I cant) but only about 3 days without water!!! That being said now add some high protein none perishable food, like protein bars, trail mixes, beef jerky, etc. (don’t forget your  lunch either) Next add self striking matches in a waterproof container, rope, multi tool, a good knife, tarp, an extra pair of warmer clothes (even hot deserts sometimes drop below freezing at night), blanket, self powered flashlight, and a backpack to put most of these items in.(just in case you have to pack your way out because of vehicle problems) Look emergencies happen! Its better to be safe than sorry. So Always plan for it best you can. This list should be a bare minimum of the safety items you should have out in the wilderness. Most of these item can be found here in my store.

So, keep your safety in mind before you head out on your next hunt. You will find that when you explore safely, you can focus on the hunting and not worry as much about the what-ifs.

Here’s to the perfect hunt!

Meteorite Hunting Equipment

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There are several pieces of equipment that all meteorite hunters would benefit from having. It is not necessary to have all of these the first time you go hunting, but as you develop as a hunter and enjoy your expeditions, these tools will definitely help to make your search for meteorites more enjoyable and fun.

GPS Location Device: This is one tool that you will want to have when out in the field hunting meteorites. Not only will you find it helpful in marking the location of your meteorite find, it is necessary to help you find your way in the wilderness. You don’t want to get lost or be unable to mark the location of your find. So, this is one tool you should try to purchase before your first hunt. Here are some great handheld GPS locators.

Camera: Although digital cameras are usually the best option, they are not required. However, since the cost of them has dropped in recent years, you can get a decent one at a pretty good price. In the meteorite community, it is good practice to not only mark the coordinates of your finds, but you should also photograph the meteorite’s location before removing it from the ground. So, a good lightweight camera can help you with this.

Meteorite Stick: This stick basically looks like a golf club, but it has a rare earth magnet attached where the head of the club normally would go. This tool is used to pick up meteorites that can be found on the surface of the area in which you are hunting. Meteorite Sticks you will probably have to make your self but I do have the material in my store to do so. All you need is a walking or hiking stick you like and a rare earth magnet to attach it too. Here are some of the materials.

Metal Detector: You want to be sure to have a good quality metal detector. The low-cost version metal detectors that you can find at discount stores are great for picking up iron, which is in most meteorites. However, a meteorite hunter should have a metal detector which also can detect gold, as they are often more sensitive and can detect meteorites that are deeper underground as well. Although the prices for good metal detectors may range from $250 to $1000, it is a great investment if you are a serious meteorite hunter. Here are some of the best Meteorite Hunting Metal Detectors.

Small Pick Axe: If you haven’t guessed already, you will need this tool to dig up any meteorites you find. Small pick axes are easier to carry than shovels, plus they are handy when you need to dig in tight spaces. Some people attach a rare earth magnet to this also to catch small meteorites while digging. Here are some small pick axes.

There are many more tools and equipment that you may choose to use in your future hunts, but these are a list of the basics to help you get started. Over time, you will see that the equipment you choose may be mainly up to your personal preference, but it is always good to have a starting point from which to begin your adventuring. Also, keep an eye out for future posts, where basic safety gear will be discussed.

Here’s to the perfect hunt!