Meteorite Hunting Equipment

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There are several pieces of equipment that all meteorite hunters would benefit from having. It is not necessary to have all of these the first time you go hunting, but as you develop as a hunter and enjoy your expeditions, these tools will definitely help to make your search for meteorites more enjoyable and fun.

GPS Location Device: This is one tool that you will want to have when out in the field hunting meteorites. Not only will you find it helpful in marking the location of your meteorite find, it is necessary to help you find your way in the wilderness. You don’t want to get lost or be unable to mark the location of your find. So, this is one tool you should try to purchase before your first hunt. Here are some great handheld GPS locators.

Camera: Although digital cameras are usually the best option, they are not required. However, since the cost of them has dropped in recent years, you can get a decent one at a pretty good price. In the meteorite community, it is good practice to not only mark the coordinates of your finds, but you should also photograph the meteorite’s location before removing it from the ground. So, a good lightweight camera can help you with this.

Meteorite Stick: This stick basically looks like a golf club, but it has a rare earth magnet attached where the head of the club normally would go. This tool is used to pick up meteorites that can be found on the surface of the area in which you are hunting. Meteorite Sticks you will probably have to make your self but I do have the material in my store to do so. All you need is a walking or hiking stick you like and a rare earth magnet to attach it too. Here are some of the materials.

Metal Detector: You want to be sure to have a good quality metal detector. The low-cost version metal detectors that you can find at discount stores are great for picking up iron, which is in most meteorites. However, a meteorite hunter should have a metal detector which also can detect gold, as they are often more sensitive and can detect meteorites that are deeper underground as well. Although the prices for good metal detectors may range from $250 to $1000, it is a great investment if you are a serious meteorite hunter. Here are some of the best Meteorite Hunting Metal Detectors.

Small Pick Axe: If you haven’t guessed already, you will need this tool to dig up any meteorites you find. Small pick axes are easier to carry than shovels, plus they are handy when you need to dig in tight spaces. Some people attach a rare earth magnet to this also to catch small meteorites while digging. Here are some small pick axes.

There are many more tools and equipment that you may choose to use in your future hunts, but these are a list of the basics to help you get started. Over time, you will see that the equipment you choose may be mainly up to your personal preference, but it is always good to have a starting point from which to begin your adventuring. Also, keep an eye out for future posts, where basic safety gear will be discussed.

Here’s to the perfect hunt!


Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog posts. I will subscribe to your feed and look forward to reading some more of your posts.

Will a meteorite magnet sweeper and pick up tool help to find meteorites?

Thanks, I plan to revisit this site and learn more.

Absolutly! And save your back in the process.

Thanks for the advice- it’s useful to know that there is so much equipment out there to help locate meteorites. GPS locators seems like a particularly sensible purchase- I suppose it was short sighted of me but I’d never previously considered them as essential equipment! You’re right though- they’ve got many practical uses and are definitely worth the initial investment. Some of the other equipment wasn’t as expensive as I’d expected, especially the digital camera- it’s possible to pick them up at considerably reduced prices now.