Safety Equipment

By · March 16, 2010 · Filed in Meteorite Hunting Equipment, Safety Gear

As with any hobby, safety is often of the utmost importance. You can more thoroughly enjoy your hobby when you don’t have to worry about getting injured or lost. There are several items that you want to have in order to stay safe on your meteorite hunts.

First, and this varies depending on the location in which you are hunting, is your clothing. If hunting in a desert area, you will dress differently than if you are hunting in a snowy area. Make sure that you have the right kind of clothing for the conditions you will encounter. So, if exploring in the desert, make sure that you have sunscreen, a hat, and light, loose-fitting clothing that can both protect you from the sun, but also allow your body to be cooler in high temperatures.

Another item that is useful for safety, but is also important for noting your locations if you find a meteorite, is a GPS device. This was mentioned in my other article, Hunting Gear, but is also important in discussion of safety gear. You don’t want to be in the wilderness without having a way to find your way back to your starting point. A GPS device is extremely helpful with this.

If you are adventuring with others, which is safer than going it alone, you also want to make sure that you are using 2-way radios, so that everyone can stay in communication with each other. This is extremely important out in the wilderness where cell phone signals might not always get a signal. If a party member is hurt or lost, these radios can make a huge difference in getting them help.

When exploring, you may find that there are snakes aplenty. Snakes live in so many environments and many are poisonous. So, it is a safe idea to make some preparations in the event that there are snakes in the area. In my store on this site, you can see items such as snake bite kits, snake gaiters and boots, and snake-proof chaps. It is important to have these items on you and with you when hunting for meteorites so that you can protect yourself from snakes. Even if you do not have the gaiters, boots, or chaps, at a minimum, you should always have a snake bite kit with you. You never know what can happen with wild creatures.

Ok, now for the most important thing to have while out meteorite hunting or any other activity you plan or accidentally find yourself in is an emergency kit! This kit should include first and foremost – Water – and not just a 16 oz. bottle of water! At least 2 gallons of drinking water. (might need some for an empty radiator) Remember the body can go about 30 days with out food (well maybe yall can but I cant) but only about 3 days without water!!! That being said now add some high protein none perishable food, like protein bars, trail mixes, beef jerky, etc. (don’t forget your  lunch either) Next add self striking matches in a waterproof container, rope, multi tool, a good knife, tarp, an extra pair of warmer clothes (even hot deserts sometimes drop below freezing at night), blanket, self powered flashlight, and a backpack to put most of these items in.(just in case you have to pack your way out because of vehicle problems) Look emergencies happen! Its better to be safe than sorry. So Always plan for it best you can. This list should be a bare minimum of the safety items you should have out in the wilderness. Most of these item can be found here in my store.

So, keep your safety in mind before you head out on your next hunt. You will find that when you explore safely, you can focus on the hunting and not worry as much about the what-ifs.

Here’s to the perfect hunt!